First Peoples Summer Workshop

First Peoples Workshop29Download the syllabus for the 2011 Summer Workshop, First Peoples.

The final project for the First Peoples Workshop is a 3-5 day set of lesson plans that includes the use of background information learned through the workshop and primary sources encountered during research at Haskell Indian Nations University, National Indian Law Library and/or the University of Colorado. Quality lesson plans will exhibit the following characteristics:

• Uses the CLIO lesson plan template

• Provides background information that includes evidence of learning from the workshop for the teacher on the content to be covered and on the primary sources used in the lesson plan ( 2-3 pages)

• Assists students in using historical thinking skills and strategies (see NCHE and NARA handouts)

• Allows the student to work directly with primary sources

• Utilizes at least two different types of primary sources (artifact, document, oral history or interview, paintings, photographs, prints, maps, cartoons, sound recordings and films, etc.)

• Correctly cites all sources

• Includes electronic copies or links to all materials required to teach the lesson plan.